* * * Mansion Destruction * * * 

  So... yeah... Playing minecraft, and stuff, so decided to share what we did with our Mansion. I wasn't really completely concordant to the idea, but yeah, we still did it. Worth it? Completely, i saved the file so we still have it... =P
  Comment on the youtube page, or in here. Thanks for watching.

 31 July, 2011

 * * * Snapshot * * *

    Hey you all, look what i wanted to share, completely unrelated to anything... Thanks for being so kind if you are reading this. Leave a Comment!

28 July, 2011

 * * * Wordplay * * * 

  So I made this word puzzle game. It has no instructions (major fail), so everything is explained on the website. Basically you have to find the scrambled word, and each time you fail you guess it you lose points and gain a new letter to help you find it.

21 June, 2011 

   * * * SketchPad * * * 

10 April, 2011 

  * * * Songs * * * 

Made two little songs i would like to share.

10 April, 2011 

és a minha força.mp3

tu es santo.mp3

  * * * Photo * * * 

  I changed the main page photo again. Lol.

29 March, 2011

  * * * Cobra * * * 

  So to keep on my small games streak, i created a little game called Cobra. Looks a lot like snake, with some major differences. Worth checking out. Enjoy. Link on the title.

13 March, 2011

 * * * Garden Pursuit 2 * * * 

  New game out, Garden Pursuit 2. Its the sequel to my previus game, which by the way i cant find. Must have been killed along with all my other old games, in my old computer. Anyway, i hope you enjoy it. Link on the title, as always.

12 March, 2011

 * * * Photo * * * 

  Changed the main page photo. Its a draw i made with my own picture as a watermark.

10 March, 2011 

 * * * Sound Cloud * * * 

  Created a SoundCloud account for myself some days ago. Posted some new sounds. I don't know it well, so i guess we'll see how it goes. Link on the title.

  It's also Baden-Powell's day today.

22 February, 2011

 * * * Song * * * 

  So i got this new sound, but didn't figure what to call it, so if you would like to help me just comment away. anyway, here is the thing...

10 February, 2011   


* * * Magicka * * * 

  I got interested on this game ever since i got a look on the spell system. So its really fun. Loads of people have been telling me it sucks, because it got 7 patches on it's first days, however its still looking pretty goon, and the bugs have been the least of my concerns. Try it out, its hard to play, but totally worth it!

6 February, 2011  

* * * Comments Box * * * 

 Not much to explain really. Leave your comments as you like. Thank you.

25 January, 2011   

* * * Beware the Square * * * 

   *bored* - So I uploaded the latest version of a little strategy/luck game i made. I'm also thinking about uploading some other games with the same theme. Enjoy.  As usual, link on the title.

24 January, 2011  

* * * Calvin and Hobbes * * *

   I'm so addicted now. Found this site, who has everything from 1984 and comes out everyday. Everyone should read this. :D Have a good day.  Link on the title.

23 January, 2011 

* * * Listen To Youtube * * *

   When V-Downloader asks you for money, and all you want to do is get that single song without having to find a t0rrent. Download your songs without trouble, or having to wait.  Link on the title.

11 October, 2010

* * * Alien Swarm * * *

   So, a friend of mine told me about this sweet game, which is free on steam, has a nice community, and is fun as hell.

   If you like cooperative play and top-down shoot-em-up's this is the right game for you. It is a remake of the original Alien Swarm, which was a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004, so if you played that, you have a hunch.

   If you want to play, just download the game for free at the Official Site, which will redirect you to Steam.

   Have Fun!

8 August, 2010

* * * FL Demos * * *

   My CD is now available for online Listening.

   FL Studios features some known songs such as Massive, and some new, like Ãnanda Glede.

   Find Everything about it here.

6 August, 2010

* * * New Images * * *

Just posted three images on the Gallery, to light up the page. Enjoy.

6 August, 2010

 * * * Right! - The Game * * *

   I was Bored. And this is what happens when i'm bored.

   Yesterday I created a game called Right, in about two hours. As you imagine, it ... sucks.

   But today i showed it to a friend. He loved it, so i decided to post it here.

   Check it out and download it free here.

5 August, 2010

 Welcome to WolforcePT.

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